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Nestor Vintage Seconds Cigars

Nestor Vintage 1989 Cigars are among the finest of cigars on the market. 

Lucky for you (and us fellow aficionados) there are plenty of Cigar Seconds available to the public market! Cigar seconds typically have a blemish of some sort, it may be a discoloration in the wrapper, a vein that the master rollers do not approve of, etc, but still offer you an excellent cigar at a vast discount. 

Brief history on the Nestor Vintage 1989 Cigars.

The tobacco that is used for the binder and filler has been aged for a period of 6-7 years before it was rolled. Once the cigars are rolled, the bundles are placed back into the aging room for another nine months prior to boxing. This process insures that the tobacco has married and fermented into a unique blend that we are sure that you will enjoy. The naturally sweet super-premium Ecuadorian wrapper is the secret to this cigar. When Benny Gomez found the wrapper, through a leaf merchant who represents a small consortium of growers in Ecuador, he committed to every leaf that his growers could produce on behalf of the same group that brought the original Nestor to life.
Key to the cigar's appeal and uniquness is the tremendous amount of experise and care that goes into making this cigar. When the group that formed one fateful night over lobster dinner determined that they would be doing a vintage series of the Nestor 747, they provided the resources for master cigar-maket Nestor Plasencia to build a new facility at his rolling factory in Danli, Honduras. In order to ensure the stringent quality that the group demanded, they hired icons to oversee production, Evelio Oviedo and Ernesto Fife.

Packaged in unbanded bundles of 25.

Available in the following sizes:

- 454 - 4.75 x 54 - Maduro 
- 454 - 4.75 x 54 - Natural
- 654 - 6 x 54 - Maduro
- 654 - 6 x 54 - Natural
- 748 - 7.625 x 48 - Maduro
- 748 - 7.625 x 48 - Natural

Bundle of 25 Cigars

Made by: Nestor
Origin: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rician
Strength: Medium

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'- 454 - 4.75 x 54 - Maduro / Bundle Special Order
'- 454 - 4.75 x 54 - Natural / Bundle Special Order
'- 654 - 6 x 54 - Maduro / Bundle Special Order
'- 654 - 6 x 54 - Natural / Bundle Special Order
'- 748 - 7.625 x 48 - Maduro / Bundle Special Order
'- 748 - 7.625 x 48 - Natural / Bundle Special Order

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