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We already know our prices are low and highly competitive. So, why are we doing this? Well, its simple, we would rather keep you as a customer in exchange for a better price if we can afford it.

On many products we sell, were giving you the opportunity to name your price. This gives you the chance to get the product you want, at the price you want! Once you select your item and fill out the form, it is sent to us for review. We will personally review each offer, please do not present low ball offers. We do understand that it is standard practice to shop around for the best price, please remember this is a business and we do need to make something on our sales, or we won't be around too long!!

Our review process typically takes 1 business day. If approved you will get an email confirming your offer has been accepted or we will counter. Counter offers may be higher in price than the offer you have submitted and in some cases, we simply cannot honor free shipping. If the offer is too low, you get an email letting you know your offer was denied.

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Terms: All offers will be reviewed and responded to by Cigar Manor in no longer than 48 hours. If Cigar Manor presents a counter offer, the customer (person making the original offer) has 24 hours to accept or make a second counter offer. 
Offers are good for a maximum of 72 hours, or until the product sells out, whichever comes first. If the buyer doesn't respond to Cigar Manor's offer within 24 hours, it will be canceled. If  Cigar Manor accepts your offer, you're required to complete the transaction. You can make up to 3 Offers for most items. Expired offers, declined offers, and retracted offers all count towards the potential buyers limit of 3 Offers. The minimum amount for which an item can be listed is determined by our manufacturers minimum advertised pricing policy's.
If the Name Your Price button doesn't appear in the listing, Cigar Manor is not  interested in receiving offers for this specific product.
Cigar Manor ultimately reserves the right to refuse all offers. Cigar Manor reserves the right to cancel any offer at any time. There is a chance that a product may sell out while an offer is pending for review. If this situation does arise, Cigar Manor will notify the customer that the product has be sold out.
All lowball offers will automatically be rejected. Please do not submit lowball offers.

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Any tobacco product sales to consumers below the legal minimum purchase age are illegal; Any tobacco product sales are subject to taxes. Cigar Manor abides by all age and tax laws