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Cigar Manor offers a multitude of ways to login, check out and ultimately complete your purchase. 

If you are a new customer, you can check out as a guest, or during the check out process, create an account at the end of your check out process. These accounts are hosted by Cigar Manor.

If you do not currently have a Cigar Manor account, you can also login and check out using your existing Amazon, Google +, Twitter or Facebook account.

Please note, that if you have an existing Cigar Manor account, all accounts are identified by the email address provided. So, if you would like to login with your Amazon, Google +, Twitter or Facebook account, and your Google +, Twitter or Facebook account uses the same email address associated with your Cigar Manor account, the software will reject your request.  

So, why will the software reject me if I already have a Cigar Manor account? The reason why is that you can create an account with any email on Amazon, Facebook, Google + or Twitter, they don't verify the email address with other platforms that may already have an account using your email address. For example: imagine, somebody knows that you have an account with email for any online ecommerce store, then this "somebody" can create an Amazon, Facebook, Google + or Twitter account with the same email (if it wasn't taken by you previously) and use Login with Amazon, Facebook, Google + or Twitter  to log into your our online store with your credentials and essentially have access to all your account details (not payment methods, since we don't store this). This is totally insecure, and your security is our responsibility. This is why the system will reject you if you currently have an account.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at





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Any tobacco product sales to consumers below the legal minimum purchase age are illegal; Any tobacco product sales are subject to taxes. Cigar Manor abides by all age and tax laws