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The simplest method is to use a Bóveda calibration kit. You just place the hygrometer in the provided, pre-conditioned envelope and follow the directions.

Step 1 - Determine that the hygrometer you have can actually be calibrated. To check this, look at the back of the hygrometer to see if there is a small screw (this will many times be located right in the center). If you see the calibration screw (it will require the use of a small eye glass type screw driver, likely a flat head)

Step 2 - Lets check to make sure the hygrometer in fact does work. To do this simply wrap the hygrometer with a moistened towel or napkin (paper is ok, just use one that is durable and is not going to make a mess of your unit). After a period of about a half hour, look at the dial to see if it reads 95%. If it reads 95%, proceed to Step 3. If it reads less, turn the calibration screw until it is at 100%. Now we are roughly dialed in, we can proceed to Step 3

Step 3 - Gather the following:

  • A clean, dry, empty quart sized zip back (or a small Tupperware container will do just fine).
  • A clean, dry cap of some sort, a peanut butter jar cap, a water bottle cap or basically anything that small enough to fit inside the zip bag or Tupperware and not take up too much room (You still need room to place in your hygrometer). 
  • Lastly, gather some table salt (about a table spoons worth) and distilled water. 

Step 4 - Fill the cap with salt and drip water on it until it is saturated, but not fluid, we are not making salt water therefore do not want the solution to dissolve the salt.

Step 5 - Place cap into the zip bag and put it off to one side

Step 6 - Place the hygrometer in the zip bag on the opposite side and zip the bag closed. 

Step 7 - After 6 hours and with out opening the zip bag, check the hygrometer. It should read exactly 75%. 

If not, your hygrometer is not reading exactly 75%, recalibrate the unit by turning the screw either clockwise or counter clockwise until the hand is exactly on 75%

Always follow directions and instructions provided by your products manufacturer, if you have any questions feel free to contact us in any of the methods here.


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