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Kiribi Kabuto

In addition to being the traditional helmet worn by the samurai, for centuries the kabuto has served as a metaphor for intent, focus and determination. "Tighten the string of the kabuto after winning the war" means "Don't lower your efforts after succeeding." and remains a revered maxim in Japanese enterprises today. "To take off the kabuto" means "to surrender". Retro, stylish and sophisticated, the Kiribi Kabuto will become a treasured part of your daily life that you will never want to relinquish.

The exterior of this dapper design hails from the apex of the Art Deco era, the 'roaring 20s', and the element which links this singular personal statement to its namesake, is the wing-like toggle of the cap, reminiscent of the fukigaeshi (crescent like wings on the side of the kabuto). 100% hand assembled in Japan and nickel, steel, and brass serving all essential parts (save one to be mentioned later), the construction of your new Kiribi Kabuto is impeccable, and like its namesake, durable enough to be passed on for generations. Though presenting a handsome and timeless exterior, the practical beauty lies within. Manifold cutting-edge design advancements, and modern technologies have been employed for convenience and reliability. Innovations such as a capacious, single-tank fuel reservoir, a new binary flame design, which provides the dual benefits of covering the wider surface area of your pipe, while being gentler to the same. The exception to the all metal design, alluded to above, is the hinge spring made of a special polymer; a material which is over 200% more resistant to fatigue than steel.

Of all our possessions, the ones we choose to become part of our daily routines not only need to be the most reliable, but speak to others of our outlooks, our sensibilities, tastes; they establish a baseline tone through natural association. Given that the Kabuto itself is a metaphor for honor and determination, how could one wish for a finer representation?

The Kiribi Kabuto is available in red sateen, sophisticated silver satin, the modernist black nickel, or the understated black matte before you.

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