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CIGAR MANOR Announces New Line of Daniel Marshall Humidors

CIGAR MANOR will deliver a new line of luxury Daniel Marshall 100 Cigar Humidors, Showcasing Beauty and Functionality.


New York area online cigar & accessory distributor, CIGAR MANOR, and legendary premium cigar & humidor manufacturer, Daniel Marshall, have once again partnered. Their goal: to add some new flavor to a long time best selling and highly desirable precious wood humidor. CIGAR MANOR will bring to market a new line of the Daniel Marshall 30100 Series humidor with a greater focus on the pure beauty of the exotic woods and cigar organization.  The 30100 Precious Wood Humidor is the best-selling, top of the line mid-sized humidor manufactured by Daniel Marshall.

Daniel Marshall is a premium, manufacturer of handmade premium cigars and cigar humidors. Founded in 1982, the company is well known for its 20165 Limited Series Humidor.  The 20165 has received wide critical acclaim from sources such as Cigar Aficionado Magazine, which named the humidor a “Best Buy” with the highest possible rating. In 2014 CIGAR MANOR and Daniel Marshall partnered up to introduce to the market for the first time ever, the 20165 Cigar Humidor with a built in tray. Daniel Marshall, as he continues to grow his humidor business, has also become a key player in the Cigar market. Daniel Marshall offers a Red Label Cigar Line as well as the genius Golden Cigar, wrapped in 24k Gold.

The details of the arrangement will offer consumers three different customizations. “We have had over whelming requests by our customers asking for us to deliver the 30100 Series Humidor with not only a built in tray, but also to offer it without the “black trim” around the edges, thus showcasing the beauty of the exotic wood 100%.” commented Mr. Demmers, founder of Cigar Manor. This request is going to be satisfied, by offering the 30100 humidor in all three wood finishes, Precious Burl Wood, Macassar Ebony and Cocobolo Rosewood, with pure exotic wood edge to edge (no black trim). Additionally, a built in tray will be included to enhance your cigar organization. “Although many customers have requested these new features, we understand the need to inventory a variety, and will still carry both lines, the 30100 with the black trim, and the new 30100 Line without the trim and with a tray” noted Mr. Demmers.

This exclusive deal will offer, this new Daniel Marshall 30100 Cigar Humidor line with a built-in Spanish Cedar tray and some extra sleek woodworking skills, distributed exclusively by CIGAR MANOR. Production has begun as of Mid February 2015. CIGAR MANOR will stock this exclusive offering available for Pre-Order beginning early August, 2015. Due to Daniel Marshall’s high quality control and limited quantity production, the humidors will take a few months to complete, bringing the expected initial ship date to the third week in August 2015.

CIGAR MANOR is one of the only retailers to offer a pre-conditioning service on all Daniel Marshall Humidors to their customers for a small fee. This has brought their customer service to the next level, allowing their customers to receive a brand new Daniel Marshall humidor seasoned to perfection, ready to accept their cigar collection.

CIGAR MANOR anticipates that this exclusive, limited edition line of humidors will be a very popular item among cigar aficionados and encourages any potential customer to contact them as soon as possible to ensure availability.

For more information on this exclusive deal or to shop Daniel Marshall products on CIGAR MANOR, please visit or contact the team directly at or +1 623 282 4427 (623-28CIGAR).

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — August 14, 2015

CIGAR MANOR Announces Exclusive Product Partnership with Daniel Marshall

CIGAR MANOR launches an exclusive luxury Daniel Marshall humidor, aimed to meet the demand of its customers. 

July 30, 2014      

Towaco, NJ – New York area cigar accessory online distributor, CIGAR MANOR announced today that it has reached an exclusive deal with luxury cigar humidor manufacturer, Daniel Marshall. The agreement has strengthened ties between the supplier, the distributor, and the customer, providing cigar aficionados around the world with a highly requested new product that is not offered by competitors.   

Daniel Marshall is a premium, limited production cigar humidor manufacturer. Founded in 1982, the company is well known for its “Treasure Chest” 20th Anniversary Humidor and the 20165 Limited Series Humidor. The 20165 has received wide critical acclaim from sources such as Cigar Aficionado Magazine, which named the humidor a “Best Buy” with the highest possible rating.   

The exclusive deal will allow CIGAR MANOR to offer this highly rated Daniel Marshall humidor line with a built-in Spanish Cedar tray, unavailable through any other retailer. This customized product will be available in any of the offered  exterior wood finishes, including the popular Precious Burl Wood and Macassar Ebony. CIGAR MANOR will stock this exclusive offering in limited quantities, starting in late summer 2014.   

“Due to popular demand we have come to an exclusive arrangement with Daniel Marshall to design a line of highly sought-after humidors no one else has access to.” commented Mr. Eric Demmers, founder of CIGAR MANOR. 

CIGAR MANOR also exclusively delivers all Daniel Marshall humidors with a digital hydrometer and a custom humidifier cover. While other distributors require an additional fee for these upgrades, CIGAR MANOR provides them at no extra cost. 

Daniel Marshall humidors are widely regarded as the pinnacle of the industry in terms of build quality, reliability, and beauty. “A Daniel Marshall humidor is more than just a place to store your cigars. It is a treasured keepsake designed to be 
passed on to the next generation. These humidors are absolutely gorgeous and the perfect long term investment for any cigar aficionado.” stated Mr. Demmers. 

CIGAR MANOR anticipates that this exclusive, limited edition line of humidors will be a very popular item among cigar aficionados and encourages any potential customer to contact them as soon as possible to ensure availability. 

For more information on this exclusive deal or to shop Daniel Marshall products on CIGAR MANOR, please visit or contact the team directly at or +1 623 282 4427 (623-28CIGAR). 

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — August 13, 2014

Dedicated New York Area Entrepreneur Launches New Website to Offer Exclusive, Quality Cigar Accessories Online

CIGAR MANOR provides competitive prices on a variety of the best humidors, lighters, ashtrays, cutters, and more, including hard-to-find models.

Towaco, NJ (PRWEB) June 10, 2014

CIGAR MANOR today announced the recent launch of their redesigned website. The online store allows cigar lovers and their friends and families to easily browse and buy unique and high quality cigar accessories. Due to a close relationship with the manufacturers, CIGAR MANOR is able to offer products in stock that can’t be found anywhere else, while maintaining a competitive price.

Mr. Eric Demmers is the founder and President of CIGAR MANOR, and is the architect of its unwavering commitment to present a quality product that exceeds the expectation of customers. Mr. Demmers built relationships with his suppliers over several years in order to offer the wide selection available on the CIGAR MANOR website today.

This selection includes electronic humidifiers, cigar humidors, ashtrays, lighters, hygrometers, travel cases, cutters, butane, punches, and other cigar accessories. CIGAR MANOR carries well known,high quality luxury brands such as Adorini, Daniel Marshall, Colibri, Vector KGM, IM Corona, XIKAR, and Zippo.

“I noticed that there were few sources that could deliver top quality cigar accessories at a price that made sense,” Mr. Demmers commented. “Through my connections, I can deliver those products with a level of service that others aren’t able to match. And if an item is listed as ‘In Stock,’ it’s in my warehouse and we can ship it out fast.”

Mr. Demmers made it clear that his commitment to integrity and honesty is one of the primary reasons that CIGAR MANOR is successful. He demonstrated this by showcasing the fair price of products sold through CIGAR MANOR, the attention to quality and efficiency, and the type of reviews the online store receives from customers.

“We’re not the cheapest and we’re not the most expensive, but we carry more models and more inventory than other retailers while providing an exceptional experience at the same time,” Mr. Demmers said. “We have humidors that you won’t find in other stores with upgrades that you can’t get anywhere else, but we never overcharge for our exclusivity. We also offer free shipping on most of the items we sell.”

CIGAR MANOR is proud of its customer service track record. Mr. Demmers and his team will answer any question on the phone or by email. “I’m always available to help my customers, and I do everything I can to ship orders quickly just as you would expect,” he said confidently. “We take extreme pride in our packaging, exceeding industry guidelines to ensure your products are thoroughly protected.”

The company’s primary goal is to strengthen its position as the premier destination on the Internet for cigar accessories, and Mr. Demmers believes that his commitment to quality, speed, and customer care will allow CIGAR MANOR to do just that.


CIGAR MANOR was established in 2012 to offer top quality cigar accessories with exceptional service and reasonable prices to cigar aficionados’ around the globe. 
CIGAR MANOR is registered with the Better Business Bureau and proudly maintains an exceptional rating. The company also donates part of its profits to Big Brothers Big Sisters and various other organizations.

To view the wide selection of cigar accessories from CIGAR MANOR or to learn more information, visit or contact the team directly at info(at)cigarmanor(dot)com or +1 623 282 4427 (623-28CIGAR).

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 30, 2014


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