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Our First Impressions:

The Executive is sleek an sexy. We tested one with a gunmetal finish and were proud to show off this lighter to our friends. The ergonomics are indeed very nice, similar ignition trigger as the Colibri Monza III, in which you sort of squeeze the lighter on its side to light the torch.

Color Choices:

The color choices are very good, not limiting you to just black, Cigar Manor carries the Xikar Executive in 5 (five) color choices.

Weight & Balance:

The Executive has a good solid feel to it, it is not too large as some of the triple torches can be and not as small as a BIC lighter.


When the burner ignites, you are presented with a intense torch, we prefer the single burners as this one and it worked as advertised.

Fuel Economy:

During our testing cycle, we were able to light 4 lighters with one full tank of butane. Granted the compact size of the Executive, this is acceptable.

Long Term Use:

After using this lighter for a few weeks, say 15 cigars, we began experiencing ignition issues. It would take a few clicks of the trigger to ignite and sometimes burn out rather quickly. Xikar replaced with no questions.


Impecable Lifetime Warranty.

Cigar Manor is a authorized full line Colibri retailer.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — April 15, 2013

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