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The Colibri Enterprise 3 Torch Lighter

Our first impressions:

Color Choices:

The color choices are very good, not limiting you to just black, you can get this firebug in five (5) different color configurations. 

Weight & Balance:

This lighter had some weight to it, letting you know it wasn't any of that cheap plastic stuff you find in your local convenience store. This gives some reassurance if dropped or with repeated use, no internal parts are likely to break on you. We know how well scotch goes with cigars!


With three (3) independent burners, you will not experience any issues when lighting up any size cigar. We lit up cigars ranging from 50 to 60 gauge, experiencing perfect burns. There was no hesitation when attempting to ignite, we have had this issue with other lighters in the past, the Enterprise 3 sparked up like a charm. The design of the Enterprise 3 is very good, the squeeze handle is a rather nice way of igniting the lighter. We have used others with irritating slide designs, or awkward push buttons in the past.

Fuel Economy:

Well, since it has a rather large butane tank, we lit up 6 cigars within no concern. We will be updating this part of the review with a final cigar lighting number off of one butane fill. After using other 3 burner torch lighters, our expectations were not very high. We were shocked to be able to light up 6 cigars with out running out of fuel.

Long Term Use:



Although not the longest warranty available, we are yet to have to deal with any warranty claims. However, all of our dealings with Colibri have been a pleasant experience.
Cigar Manor is a authorized full line Colibri retailer. 

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — April 12, 2013

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