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Vector KGM Thundra Triple Torch Lighter

Our first impressions:



Vector KGM Packages nearly all of their products in a gift box. Some are offered in a metal case, others, as the Thundra are placed neatly within a black pressboard box sporting the Vector logo. This box has a magnetic clap and is seamlessly encompassed within a second envelope sleeve.


Color Choices:

The color choices are status quo typical Vector KGM styling. Offered is Black Matte, Gunmetal Satin, Chrome Satin, High Polish Chrome and Black Crackle Matte.


Weight & Balance:

This lighter had some weight to it, weighing in by itself at nearly 10 ounces. This gives some reassurance if dropped or with repeated use, no internal parts are likely to break on you. Since it is designed to be a table top lighter, the weight is a huge pro, the lighter will stay put and not roll around on you. As for balance, the lighter is solid, not top heavy, not bottom heavy. The balance is good.


Ignition and Use:

Vector KGM manufactures one of the finest lines of butane torch lighters available on the market today. The feel of the Thundra when pressing the ignition button is solid. The button is large and comfortable to press. Especially if you are like me and have fat fingers… Props to Vector on this.


As expected, with three (3) independent burners, we lit up cigars ranging from 50 to 60 + gauge, experiencing perfect burns. There was no hesitation when attempting to ignite, in fact, some may feel that it is too powerful.


One cool thing that Vector KGM does, is they typically test their products for use at specific altitudes. The Thundra has been Altitude Tested up to 10,000 ft.  This is about the height at the peak of Aspen Mountain.


Fuel Economy:

Well, since it has a rather large butane tank, we have lit up a ton cigars within no hesitation or sputter. We will be updating this part of the review with a final cigar lighting number off of one butane fill.



At $59.95, pretty much on par for this style lighter. It is priced more reasonably and offers a larger fuel tank than others that we carry.


Long Term Use:




Backed by Vector KGM 's Limited No Proof Warranty. Vector lighters passed all of KGM's demanding tests and inspection standards set by KGM Quality Control. KGM warranty covers mechanical parts only under normal use and excludes damages resulting from misuse, tampering and abuse of lighters. This warranty does not apply to the outer case finish of a lighter. 


Cigar Manor is a authorized full line Vector KGM Dealer. 


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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — February 19, 2014

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