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This is a lighter designed around a cigar smoker's needs. In fact, the PB207 The Torch is the original cigar smoking lighter, the one that ignited lighter sales during the early part of the cigar boom. Over twenty years have passed since then but these fine Blazer lighters still set the standard.


This fine lighter was lost to the US market for a short time but has returned in a number of new finishes. The Blazer Torch comes now in nine colors, including the original black. The new finishes are camo blue, camo gray, clear, graphite blue, metallic blue, bright red, tiger stripe in brown and a sunny yellow.


The lighter now has a few more features. It is child resistant to comply with American safety standards. It uses an intuitive design that has been fully tested for safety and for usability. As a matter of fact, the design was awarded the highest possible results in the safety tests making for a lighter that is nearly child proof.


Blazer Lighters are very easy to unpack and use. Each one comes in an understated black box. The instruction manual is short and easy to read. Within it you will find complete instructions on how to work the lighter. Full details on how to safety refill the tank, the proper type of gas to use; everything is covered. They even tell you how to work the child safety or adjust the size of the flame!


I was pleased with the quality of the lighter. The colors are nice and rich and the lighter fit very nicely in my hands. It took me a few minutes to figure out that child safety lock. It would have been easier to have read the instruction booklet first! 


The flame was very hot, you could probably melt a pop can with this thing. The website did mention it was the world's hottest lighter. I think I believe them. The flame is nice and strong, more then able to light my big cigars. We also tested the PB207 in a windy environment, and it didn't experience any problems.

The Blazer PB207 Lighter is made in Japan.

You can find more information about the PB-287 Here.


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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — February 08, 2014

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