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The Daniel Marshall Treasure Chest Humidor sold by Cigar Manor and manufactured by Daniel Marshall in Southern California. The treasure chest is a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary humidor in which only 100 are made. This creates a uniquely rare piece of artwork. The Treasure Chest is typically offered in one and only one finish, precious burl wood. (Occasionally Daniel Marshall will produce the treasure chest in Macasser Ebony.)

Daniel Marshall Humidors take nearly four months to create. The rarest, most exotic and brilliantly patterned woods to final lacquering and polishing are personally selected by, yes you guessed it, Mr. Marshall himself.

Before they are shipped out to us, each humidor has passed 175 individual and delicate procedures.

The interior of these ultra premium humidors are built entirely out of untreated Spanish cedar.

Exceptional humidification is achieved by a unique and industry proven self-regulating humidification system device that is time proven and guaranteed to automatically regulate the atmosphere in the humidor at approximately 70%. Over time, this system does not need replacement and requires addition of distilled water or DM's homebrew Special Care Humidifier solution (on a four to six week basis).

The dimensions of the DM Treasure Chest is 17" x 10.5" x 7.5" in size. Offering you ample real estate for storage of your treasures. The humidor is heavy, due to its solid construction and high quality parts such as the hinges and thick lacquer finish. The finish is absolutely perfect as you would expect from a humidor of this caliber, it is so crisp, you can basically use it as a mirror. The design of the Treasure Chest is visually stunning with the craftily created dome shaped top.

The humidification system comes equipped with a custom Spanish Cedar cover, ensuring the proper humidity is reached and maintained. Each treasure chest comes with Two Spanish Cedar Dividers in the lower half of the compartment, a Spanish cedar tray with two Spanish cedar dividers within the tray. Some of the DM Humidors come with an analog hygrometer, all Daniel Marshall Humidors offered by Cigar Manor come from the factory with a digital hygrometer. Also included is Daniel Marshall Special Care Humidifier solution and a bottle to hold distilled water.

Each unit is individually badged with the limited edition #.

This Treasure Chest was featured in Cigar Aficionado, May 1997, third cover as well as in Governor Schwarzenegger's office.

In 2003 this humidor was awarded the No. 1, "A" rating by Cigar Aficionado

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — April 22, 2013

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