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Herbal Medicines are becoming more and more common place in todays society. They are used to treat numerous illnesses, diseases and are even used as a pain remedy. 

They are often used in various methods, such as tea's, vaporization, combusting, edibles, liquid and pill forms.

The most common is combustion, such as smoking, vaporizing etc. This arises the next concern, how to store your herbal medicine. Many use small plastic, glass, metal and even wooden containers, such as cigar humidors. 

There are pros and cons to each method:

Plastic Storage:

-Pros: Inexpensive, air tight, lightweight durable

-Cons: Some plastics can alter the taste and flavor, other plastics may emit chemicals. Some containers were designed to contain products that and not intended to be injested by humans. If using plastic, use an approved container such as a Cigar Travel Case. You can find them here:

Glass Storage:

-Pros: Inexpensive, Air tight

-Cons: Too Air tight and can promote mold, Fragile

Metal Storage:

-Pros: Extremely durable

-Cons: Depending on the type of metal, weight may be a factor, some can rust, and some are difficult to create a proper seal without the use of a gasket type material. There are some humidors that are made from aluminum, which does not rust and is light weight, yet incredibly strong. These storage cases are lined with spanish cedar which is ideal. You can find them here:

Wooden Cigar Humidor Storage:

-Pros: A renewable resource, designed to store leaf based product such as tobacco, designed to regulate temperature and relative humidity levels, huge selections to choose from, spanish cedar lined, extremely attractive method of storage. Cigar Humidors, can be an ideal storage solution to herbal medicine. You can find our entire product line here:

-Cons: Not as durable as the other methods, prices may vary based upon the quality and construction.

So, this leads us to controling the RH, hands down the best method would be to use the Boveda Packs, you can find them here:

Consider the lower RH Boveda for your control, 62% RH is idea for Cannabis, while 68-70 is perfect for tobacco.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — January 07, 2015


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