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The Cigar Oasis Ultra v2: The Perfect Humidifier


Cigar smokers certain do have a love for their fine tobacco. Some days, the best way to sit back and relax is to have a cigar. In doing so, you just might let all your cares and concerns slip away. While this might be a nice thought, the truth is you can never ignore all your responsibilities. A few of those responsibilities you have to be mindful of include making sure the cigars you purchase do not degrade or otherwise become ruined. This is where the Cigar Oasis Ultra v2, an electronic humidifier, can help. The device ensures up to 100 cigars are stored in the right humidity level and kept perfectly fresh. The Ultra 2.0 is a revamped version of the original Cigar Oasis Ultra.

This might be the smallest humidifier on the market, but don't let its size fool you. it is highly effective. For cigar smokers who are tired of experiencing their cigars becoming moldy or otherwise lacking in the perfect taste, investing in this device just might help prevent seeing your tobacco investment wasted.

You could call this a rather innocuous device since it takes up so little space. The slim, lid mounted design might lead one to believe this device is not capable of being very effective. The truth is, looks can be quite deceiving. The model can work within a range of 1.5 cubic feet and offer perfect humidity control. How the humidity is circulated, as most cigar lovers know, it critically important as well. If the humidity is not controlled in an even manner, then not all the cigars can reap the benefits of the humidifier. With the Cigar Oasis Ultra v2, the humidity is circulated evenly. No extra steps such as having to rotate the cigars are necessary. Even those who truly wish to store their cigars the right way can forget things or get tied up with other duties. Since this device does not require rotating the cigars, that is one less step to have to take.

The Ultra 2.0 has an optional wifi module (not included) that will allow you to monitor your humidor via the internet or your favorite smart phone application.

One nice thing to note, Cigar Oasis kept the same design for the replaceable water cartridges. So if you have an older version 1 Ultra, you can still use your water refills with version 2. 

Buy Cigar Oasis Water Refill Cartridges.

Overall, this is a humidifier that is easy to use and requires virtually no maintenance. With a few simple clicks, you can set the humidity to the desired level and then allow the Cigar Oasis Ultra v2 to do what it does best. The Ultra is designed to keep your RH level on point, so if you set it at 70%, the unit will work to keep it there. Don't panic if you feel it is constantly running, it is doing what it has been built to do. A water indicator is affixed to the unit allowing you to know when a refill is required and the data display reveals a history of the three minimum and maximum averages for humidity the cigars are exposed to within your humidor

Powering the unit is not very complicated at all. A thin ribbon cable provides all the necessary electricity to help ensure the humidifier always works effectively. An internal, rechargeable battery is also built into the unit to further ensure they are no problems with the power going out. A low battery indicator quickly reveals when the time has come to charge this power source. Please note, sleep mode will only work when the Ultra is operating via the battery. If you have the AC power plugged in, it will over-ride sleep mode.

Lastly, for those who  might need a larger humidifier, there are new options available from Cigar Oasis. The newly introduced Excel, the Magna and the XL Plus v2.0 are all very nice alternatives. These models can offer are more capable of handling larger amounts of cigars stored within larger humidors or cabinets. You can find them at Cigar Manor as well.


No matter what humidifier you opt to purchase, us at Cigar Manor are here to assist you and offer low prices, solid customer service, and fast and affordable shipping. 

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — March 07, 2014


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