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Lighter Refill Instructions

Lighter Refilling Instructions:
  1. Make sure no open flames are nearby. 
  2. Adjust the flame height to low. 
  3. Bleed fuel tank by pressing down on the lighter refill valve until hissing sound stops. See the diagrams below: 

  1. Shake refill can to check if it contains gas.
  2. Hold both refill can and lighter upside down in each hand. 
  3. Push refill nozzle firmly all the way into lighter refill valve and hold for 15-20 seconds. 
  4. Wait until lighter reaches room temperature before igniting (roughly 5-10 minutes). 
  5. Reset flame height adjuster to your desired setting.

Lighter Refilling Instructions:

  1. Make sure no open flames are nearby. 
  2. Adjust the flame height to low. 
  3. Bleed fuel tank by pressing down on the lighter refill valve until hissing sound stops. See the diagrams below:

*compliments of Vector KGM

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 25, 2014

Vector KGM Mega-Pump and Tri-Pump Instructions

 How to properly fill your Vector Lighter (specifically the Mega-Pump and Tri-Pump)


*compliments of Vector KGM

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 25, 2014

Adorini Humidor Frequent Questions

Why is the grooved cedar inlay moving?

This is not a fault, it is how it should be. The reason is, that the cedar interior is that thick in adorini humidors, that the cedar could warp with changing temperature and humidity. Therefore we build all of the humidors with expansion gaps like this. It does not affect the functionality of the humidor.

I am getting a strong odor from within the humidor, what is this (ie: strong smell)?


This also comes from the thick spanish cedar lining. The reason why you typically don't smell this in other humidors is, that this humidor for sure is only lined with very thin cedar. The adorini products are very thick lined. Furthermore this thick cedar lining is only attached with nails and is not glued. So, although you might first think you are smelling glue, it simply can't be the source of the smell.

Why did the supplied Humidifier swell, mildly bowing the cover?

Although this is very infrequent, we have seen this happen. It could be that there is just a little to much acrylic polymers inside of the humidifier.

To solve the problem, remove the humidifier out of the humidor for 1 day or so. By then a part of the humidity should have evaporated already and the lid will not be curved anymore. With the next refill, use a little less water to do so. This should avoid this problem. *Alternatively if done carefully, open the humidifier and remove a little (1/2 inch) of the gel-fleece with a scissor. This should solve the problem as well. Afterward, also should CAREFULLY tighten the screws. Just a little, not to much!

Where are Adorini Humidors Manufactured?

The boxes themselves are manufactured in Taiwan, the hygrometers are designed and manufactured in Germany. All components are assembled and configured in Germany. All finished product is shipped out of Hamburg Germany.


Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 23, 2014

Refined Butane

We are going to cover butane and a few helpful things we have been able to dig up regarding the quality of each manufactures butane product. Please, if we do not cover a type of butane you are interested in, or are looking for us to find out some more information regarding lighter butane, please let us know and we will do the leg work. 

So, what is butane? Butane, is either of two isomeric flammable gaseous alkanes C4H10 usually obtained from petroleum or natural gas and used as a fuel. Most butane for cigar lighters is a mixture of of butane as noted above, isobutene , propane and a small amount of air (yup the stuff we breath everyday).  Some lighter butane also contains some C3H8. Nearly all lighter manufactures recommend using their brand of butane with when filling their lighters. Some argue this, others just go with it. Some butane products are made here domestically within the USA, other are made in the UK and Korea.

What is an MSDS? The MSDS, which stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, is very important. It typically covers all safety data regarding this specific butane product. Such as emergency contact information, storage, handling and transportation, exposer, chemical properties, stability and disposal. What we were more interested in was the purity testing of each individual butane. Here is a listing of all butane MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) reports we were able to get out hands on (graciously given to us by Cigar Manor):

Bernzomatic (Werthington Cylinders – Made in USA)

Blazer (Made in Korea)

Colibri (Tonino Lamborghini – Firebird – GC Electronics – Made in USA)

Comoy (Kreteck – Fastfil – Made in USA)

Fastfil (Kreteck – Made in Korea)

Lotus (Integral Style – Black Lable – Vertigo – Porsche – Bugatti)

Lucienne (Made in UK – Keen Limited – Private Label)


Newport (Keen Newport, maker of many private label butanes)

Vector (Manufacture assumed Vector KGM - California)

Xikar (Purofine)

Zippo (Unknown)

Emergency Contact Information. The MSDS typically contains information regarding emergency contact information, whether the guidance is to contact your local poison control or to contact a 24 hour emergency service hotline such as ChemTel.

One last topic we would like to cover regarding marketing of butane. Xikar does a tremendous job covering this, to sum things up butane is frequently marketed as Triple Refined, Quadruple Refined, etc.  Regardless of how many times the butane is actually refined still begins with the product that is actually being refined. The good ol’ saying “Garbage in = Garbage out” definitely stands very true here.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions and recommended cigar lighter and butane use instructions.

In summary, you can now review each MSDS from many of the popular butane manufacturers.

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 23, 2014

What is the difference between the Daniel Marshall Precious Wood and Ambiente

We have confirmed that the main difference is the number of coats of lacquer finish that is applied to the humidor.

The Ambiente is currently offered in two finishes, the 20065 in Matte Black and the 20125 in High Gloss Piano Black (the 2025 is also offered occasionally in Matte Black)

The Ambiente series model numbers start with a "2", ie 20065, 20125. This raised the question why is the 20165 branded as an Ambiente? This again has to do with the number of finishes of lacquer. 20165 is a different animal than the 20065 and the 20125 as it is a Precious Wood finish. The number of coats of lacquer falls some where in between Daniel Marshall's flag ship Treasure Chest and the 20XXX models.


Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 23, 2014

Why did we create this?

After much feedback from our customers, we have and will continue to compile a section to help our current customers (and future customers!) learn not only about the products we sell, but also how to maintain them. Additionally, we will post articles about our products in the news, cigar related news and news from our suppliers. 

We would also love to hear tips and tricks that you may have! Leave a comment below or submit them to!

Written by Cigar Manors Team of Evaluators — July 15, 2014


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