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We received some feedback from a great customer of ours, Mike B., recently invested in a Kiribi Kuboto Lighter. He wanted to let all know about a quick fix for a loose screw near the top action.

"I love this lighter but noticed last night there was something sharp. It's this screw above my thumb had backed out and could have Fallon out if I didn't catch it. I used a small glasses screw driver and put it back in but obviously it's a problem. Just thought I would give you heads up. Everyone loves this lighter as well, huge tank." - Mike B.

You can see the screw directly above Mike's thumbnail.

The important thing to remember here is that a lighter, like many other products that we use in our daily lives have moving parts, and may require periodic maintenance. I beleive this was an extreme case, since Mike only had the lighter for about  2 weeks.

I will approach the manufacturer / distributor about this and see if we can get some advice (perhaps add some thread lock) to remedy the issue and will update accordingly.

Update: If you experience this issue, we have confirmed with US Kiribi distributor Laudisi that some Lock-tite Blue 243 will rectify this issue. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cigar Manor or Laudisi.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — February 26, 2015


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