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We have been asked by customers what is the Adorini RibTech, what does it do and... does it actually work? Do any other manufacturers have this technology?

Adorini notes the following:

"The new generation of adorini humidors sets a new state of the art in the humidor market. Innovations such as ventilation ribs (“RibTech”) in the humidor case and in the trays ensure improved air circulation. An innovative divider system permits flexible separation of the humidor to make perfect use of the space, still allowing adequate circulation. The adorini deluxe humidification system, based on a new kind of acryl developed in aerospace research, is included in all adorini Deluxe humidors. This system ensures a more accurate, stable and easy to maintain humidification."

However, this still doesn't answer the pending question! Does RibTech actually work?

We have done our due diligence and followed up directly with Adorini and this is exactly what they told us!

"What I can tell you is "yes, it actually works." The problem is well know: when storing several cigars in a "normal" humidor, the upper cigars are very wet, the bottom cigars are pretty dry. Therefore we developed the ventilation ribs, that allow the humidity to reach teh bottom even if the humidor is completely filled up. Regarding the competitors: Some already copied the ribs, but modified these slightly because the system is protected (but no brand products)."


Hope this helps! 



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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — July 25, 2014


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