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About the "Lean-Burn" Jet Flameless Lighter.
The "Lean-Burn" system is the latest technological advancement in lighter engineering. A Revolutionary lighter for the 21stcentury. 

The "Lean-Burn" system generates a stable combustion by setting the catalyzer in the middle of the internal burner cylinder which in turn, generates a secondary gas combustion.  

This mechanical enhancement results in two revolutionary achievements. First, it drastically reduces the gas consumption rate of a lighter by 50%. For example, it enables a user to smoke 10 cigars a day or 20 cigarettes a day for 60 - 120 days without refilling. Second, it allows the lighter to work in high altitude places, where the amount of oxygen is limited. 

*compliments of Vector KGM

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — July 25, 2014


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