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Why is the grooved cedar inlay moving?

This is not a fault, it is how it should be. The reason is, that the cedar interior is that thick in adorini humidors, that the cedar could warp with changing temperature and humidity. Therefore we build all of the humidors with expansion gaps like this. It does not affect the functionality of the humidor.

I am getting a strong odor from within the humidor, what is this (ie: strong smell)?


This also comes from the thick spanish cedar lining. The reason why you typically don't smell this in other humidors is, that this humidor for sure is only lined with very thin cedar. The adorini products are very thick lined. Furthermore this thick cedar lining is only attached with nails and is not glued. So, although you might first think you are smelling glue, it simply can't be the source of the smell.

Why did the supplied Humidifier swell, mildly bowing the cover?

Although this is very infrequent, we have seen this happen. It could be that there is just a little to much acrylic polymers inside of the humidifier.

To solve the problem, remove the humidifier out of the humidor for 1 day or so. By then a part of the humidity should have evaporated already and the lid will not be curved anymore. With the next refill, use a little less water to do so. This should avoid this problem. *Alternatively if done carefully, open the humidifier and remove a little (1/2 inch) of the gel-fleece with a scissor. This should solve the problem as well. Afterward, also should CAREFULLY tighten the screws. Just a little, not to much!

Where are Adorini Humidors Manufactured?

The boxes themselves are manufactured in Taiwan, the hygrometers are designed and manufactured in Germany. All components are assembled and configured in Germany. All finished product is shipped out of Hamburg Germany.


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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — July 23, 2014


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