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We are going to cover butane and a few helpful things we have been able to dig up regarding the quality of each manufactures butane product. Please, if we do not cover a type of butane you are interested in, or are looking for us to find out some more information regarding lighter butane, please let us know and we will do the leg work. 

So, what is butane? Butane, is either of two isomeric flammable gaseous alkanes C4H10 usually obtained from petroleum or natural gas and used as a fuel. Most butane for cigar lighters is a mixture of of butane as noted above, isobutene , propane and a small amount of air (yup the stuff we breath everyday).  Some lighter butane also contains some C3H8. Nearly all lighter manufactures recommend using their brand of butane with when filling their lighters. Some argue this, others just go with it. Some butane products are made here domestically within the USA, other are made in the UK and Korea.

What is an MSDS? The MSDS, which stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, is very important. It typically covers all safety data regarding this specific butane product. Such as emergency contact information, storage, handling and transportation, exposer, chemical properties, stability and disposal. What we were more interested in was the purity testing of each individual butane. Here is a listing of all butane MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) reports we were able to get out hands on (graciously given to us by Cigar Manor):

Bernzomatic (Werthington Cylinders – Made in USA)

Blazer (Made in Korea)

Colibri (Tonino Lamborghini – Firebird – GC Electronics – Made in USA)

Comoy (Kreteck – Fastfil – Made in USA)

Fastfil (Kreteck – Made in Korea)

Lotus (Integral Style – Black Lable – Vertigo – Porsche – Bugatti)

Lucienne (Made in UK – Keen Limited – Private Label)


Newport (Keen Newport, maker of many private label butanes)

Vector (Manufacture assumed Vector KGM - California)

Xikar (Purofine)

Zippo (Unknown)

Emergency Contact Information. The MSDS typically contains information regarding emergency contact information, whether the guidance is to contact your local poison control or to contact a 24 hour emergency service hotline such as ChemTel.

One last topic we would like to cover regarding marketing of butane. Xikar does a tremendous job covering this, to sum things up butane is frequently marketed as Triple Refined, Quadruple Refined, etc.  Regardless of how many times the butane is actually refined still begins with the product that is actually being refined. The good ol’ saying “Garbage in = Garbage out” definitely stands very true here.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions and recommended cigar lighter and butane use instructions.

In summary, you can now review each MSDS from many of the popular butane manufacturers.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — July 23, 2014


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