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Alec Bradley Empire State Six-Two Robusto

Our smoke of choice for Christmas Eve this year was the Alec Bradley Empire State Cigar. This unique full bodied powerhouse is a tough one to come by, especially if you don't live near New York. We gathered a small group of our Full Bodied Cigar lovers and put them to the test.

Artfully rolled at the Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L. in Honduras, a factory that consistently rolls cigars that score very nicely in Cigar Aficionado.


Initial Impressions: The cigar is rolled well as you would expect from any cigar of the noted factory. With a somewhat mottled wrapper and crude triple cap, its looks belie this cigar’s inner beauty.. The wrapper is dark. To our surprise the cigar was very rigid to the touch. It was notably hard. Being a bit odd, we checked the humidity and temps of our humidor and all checked in well.  

The Banding: The cigar band is a nice artistic portrait of Empire State Building in NYC. Some aficionados say it is the Chrysler Building.


First Half Smoke: The smoke was creamy, smooth and complemented the single malt better than most cigars we have compared. We noticed hints of wood, cinnamon, spice and nuttiness. The cigar burned well for the first quarter, then it began to show a slight unevenness. As we neared the half way mark, our palets had acclimated to the strength of the cigar. The Empire State was getting better and better the more we smoked it.

Second Half Smoke: The uneven burn continued, but didn't affect our smoke. The taste was subtle and the uneven burn could have been cause by the wind. This cigar continues to get better. It is about 20 degrees outside, frost is building on our faces and we simply can't put out this bad boy. 

End Smoke: Well, we have smoked them down to the nub. As with many full bodied smokes, it gets a rather strong tobacco taste when there is only an inch left!

Although expensive, about $13 a smoke, you are definately getting your monies worth. There are a lot of great cigars out there for half the price, but if your in the NYC area, you should give the Empire State a whirl.

If you are a full bodied cigar lover, this one is a must try. If you enjoy a few cigars a day, and prefer medium bodied cigars, this is a great ending to your day.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — April 12, 2013



This is a great full bodied cigar that starts off with a strong spice but settles into an enjoyable smoke.

April 17 2013 at 08:04 PM

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