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"Newsflash – It’s drier in the winter!

Dry climates and cold weather are one of the many reasons we make a wide range of RH levels: 72%, 75% and 84% Boveda, and one of the ways you can increase your Boveda sales during the different seasons.

75% RH - When the ambient humidity in your house is hovering around 30% in the winter, you need more horsepower to keep your cigars in the perfect 69-70% range. Enter the 75% Boveda. A customer who is a solid 72% customer in the summer may transition to 75% in the winter.

A simple explanation about the fact that all wooden humidors leak air, and that the air is drier in the winter will result in a happy customer who doesn’t have to fret because their hygrometer is reading low. A higher RH product may be an especially great solution for cheaper humidors with a less-than-optimal seal or thin bottom wall.

84% RH - Wooden humidors kept in cold climates might need re-seasoning each winter to keep the constantly drying-out wood from robbing moisture from cigars. Boveda 84% is a perfect recommendation for people who don’t understand how to season or re-season humidors without warping the wood (hint: don’t ever wipe them down with water directly).

Clearly you don't just throw 84% Boveda in with a different RH level to boost moisture - seasoning is a process. But the availability of a product to re-establish a baseline water content in humidor wood is something every cigar store should have on hand.

Calibration Kits – Most long-time users of Boveda simply get rid of their hygrometers because they’re not needed, but for those that still like to see that 69% reading for assurance it’s very important to calibrate the hygrometer when the battery gets low or after a battery change. You have better things to do than troubleshoot a customer’s hygrometer reading when all they need to do is re-calibrate it. Send them out the door with a calibration kit and a better understanding of how those not-so-accurate devices really function."

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — October 19, 2015

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