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Boveda recently distributed a great article explaining, well simply, the ideal application of their product and how it actually differs from others on the market.

Right from the horses mouth, read below:

"Many weren’t initially coached on how fundamentally different Boveda is from refillable humidifiers on the market. Boveda is not a flavor of PG solution or silica, and it actually regulates to within +/- 1% of the RH level printed on the pack. All other products are simply humidifiers, while Boveda is the only product on the market that will control the humidity.

To help everyone with a baseline understanding, we’ve developed this quick and easy guide to our RH levels below. We hope it’ll help to clear up any potential gaps in knowledge and allow everyone to make a more informed buying decision for themselves and recommendations for your customers. 

Why we have the different RH levels:

RH 84
Typically 84% RH is used strictly for seasoning (or re-seasoning in the dry winter months) wooden humidors. Exposing wood to an environment of 84% relative humidity for a period of 2 weeks is the perfect procedure to safely and slowly expand the wood while it absorbs the moisture from the air.

Any other method of seasoning can lead to the wood cracking, warping and/or introducing mold from "wiping down" wood directly with water.
See our seasoning guide here.


RH 75
By itself, 75% RH is too high of a humidity level for storing cigars. The reason we make the 75% formula is for the glass-top humidors and inexpensive (cheap) humidors out there that need a little more horsepower to keep humid. If your humidor has thin walls, a bad seal, or a glass top – this formula is probably for you.

While Boveda is working to give off 75% humidity, after all the leaking out of the humidor is said and done, you will probably be right about 69% RH.


RH 75
By far our highest selling RH level is the 72% formula. Again 72% is too high for tobacco storage in an air-tight environment, but ALL humidors leak air. When you account for this leakage in a middle-of-the-road quality humidor, you’ll probably be right in that 68-69% sweet spot for cigar storage.


RH 69
The Boveda Acrylic Humidor, Coolidors, Tupperdors, Humidor Bags, retailer store baggies and other airtight or nearly airtight environments don’t require Boveda to release excess moisture in order to maintain the perfect aging environment.

Boveda will release or absorb moisture until the air in the container is a perfect 69% relative humidity, which is only small changes in a airtight environment.

Also if you have a very high-end, thick and well made humidor like Elie Bleu, the 69% RH formula is going to be perfect for those applications.


RH 65
In general, Cuban cigars develop mold at a lower RH level than non-Cubans. And, many people like a slightly drier cigar to assist with consistent burn or live in a wet climate where Boveda’s primary job is actually to remove moisture from the air. That’s why we make the 65% formula.

Remember not to mix different RH levels in the same container. If you want to age your Cuban cigars at a different relative humidity level, keep them in a separate humidor/bag.


RH 62

Typically used in the herbal market, come cigar smokers like a drier smoke or again live in a humid climate. "


*source: Boveda Inc.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — July 29, 2015

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