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Boveda sent out an FAQ / Q&A to us, you can find the info here below, including a link to Boveda's website. It is very informative, so we figured we would pass along to our customers! 

water filter
Did you Know? Boveda's built-in reverse osmosis membrane provides the same type of hyperfiltration that's used in water purification systems by inhibiting the passage of ions (such as salt) or other impurities, ensuring that only pure, clean water-vapor passes through the membrane, while rejecting everything else.

No refillable-type humidification product can come close to the purity emitted by Boveda.

Boveda Q&A

After 17 years of selling Boveda in tobacco, we’ve got some really good answers to common customer questions about Boveda vs the “competition”. We wanted to cover them because the answers are as easy as using Boveda.

How does Boveda work? Different salts mixed with water will naturally regulate different humidity levels. We just patented the way to apply that science to packaging and containers.

Does Boveda have propylene glycol in it? No. PG solution has zero moisture regulation abilities and can give off unwanted flavors.

Is Boveda like one of those silica packets? No. Silica is a desiccant, which tries to remove all moisture and has no moisture regulating abilities.

Oh, Boveda is one of those water pillows? Nope. Water pillows are humidifiers. They’re diaper material in a plastic bag. They have zero ability to regulate humidity, your cigars simply absorb all of the excess moisture they give off.

What’s the difference between Boveda and refillable sponge/gel/crystal/beads/water pillows? Those products are 1-way humidifiers, they can only give off moisture. Boveda is 2-way, meaning it gives off and absorbs moisture to regulate a specific RH.

"Yeah, but these other products say 'Regulates 70% humidity' too." That’s marketing. The clearest evidence that they do not regulate a specific RH is:

  1. Only Boveda makes a hygrometer calibration kit. If refillable items regulated humidity, those manufacturers would suggest calibrating hygrometers with their products. But they don’t. In fact, Xikar suggests a salt test, NOT their own product, to calibrate their hygrometers. And what product is a salt test? Boveda.
  2. Only Boveda is trusted in the boxes of cigar manufacturers to protect cigars through distribution. You will never find gel, crystals, beads, clay, water pillows or sponges in a manufacturer’s cigar boxes.

Can I use Boveda with refillable stuff? Not reliably. The high humidity given off by humidifiers may be too much for the Boveda to keep up with. It’s like trying to regulate the heat in your house by opening a window (Boveda) after setting fire to your couch (humidifiers). Besides, why waste any time refilling humidifiers that don’t regulate humidity? Just use 1 60g Boveda per 25 cigar capacity (even if the seasoned humidor isn’t full), for 2-4 months of aging perfection, depending on humidor quality.

But Boveda is "expensive". Not compared to ruining humidors and cigars with unpredictable humidifiers. And factor in all the time fussing with humidifiers in the impossible hope of regulating humidity. That makes 2-4 months of maintenance-free perfection withBoveda a total bargain.

For a deeper dive into using Boveda, feel free to revisit our FAQ’s.

Please let us know when we can be of service.

Great success to you!
The Boveda Team "

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — June 02, 2015

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