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Daniel Marshall 30050 Cigar Humidor Review

Daniel Marshall has been designing and crafting luxury cigar humidors in Santa Ana, California since 1982. His products are world renouned for their quality and cigar aging and preservation abilities. They are simply powerful, yet beautiful.

This review is of the 30050 50 Cigar Humidor in Precious Burl by Daniel Marshall INC.

MSRP: $550 USD

Upon receipt, as with all Marshall's humidors, comes from the factory in a black gift box.

The humidor is gently placed inside wrapped in multiple layers of soft tissue paper, sealed up with a Daniel Marshall Logo'd sticker. Nicely done.

Upon opening the tissue paper, you can see the beauty. The 300 (ie: 30050, 30100, 30125) series Precious Wood humidors by Marshall have dozens of lacquer coats. Thus creating a depth that you won't find on any other humidor. Most Daniel Marshall Precious Wood Cigar Humidors have a painted black trim around all of the edges.Exceptions to this are the 20150 & 20165 series humidors do not have this black trim. This black trim has become an interesting topic amongst many of our customers. Some like it, some dislike it. Very rarely does one simply think its just ok.

The inside of the humidor is again, absolute perfection. Every seam, every joint, every divider simply everything is designed, cut and fitted as you would expect from master craftsmen. As you close the lid, you feel a sort of pillow effect, this is by design and is due to the extreme precsion of the base and lid seals. Many larger Daniel Marshall humidors use what Daniel calls a "dual seal".  The digital meter is framed out with Spanish Cedar, with a Daniel Marshall logo to the right. Below the meter is a Calendar and the Humidifier. The calendar is used to keep track of when the last time / next time you need to add distilled water or solution to the humidifier. As you would expect, the 30050 humidor due to its size is not offered with a tray. Currently the only models Daniel Marshall offers with trays are the 20150 in Zebrawood, the 20165 in Burl and Macassar (exlcusive to Cigar Manor), the 30125 in Burl and the Treasure Chest in Burl (occasionally in Macassar).

The one draw back to the smaller sized models built by Daniel Marshall, is the lack of a framed out spanish cedar humidifier cover. Cigar Manor orders all Daniel Marshall Humidors equipped with every bell and whistle offered (digital meters, cedar covers, dividers, and trays). We have discussed this with Daniel Marshall and they note that it's simply not possible to build and install a cover for the humidifier on the smaller sized boxes. There simply is not enough room. This is the story for the 30050, the 20065 and the travel humidors.

Above is a shot of one of the most impressive parts of the Daniel Marshall Humidor. If you look closely, at the corner joint, which most other manufactures call a "miter joint", Daniel uses what is called a "locking miter joint". This is not only considerably more complex and timely to build, it adds superior strenth to the joint. 

Included with your humidor is humidor setup instructions, other product information, a bottle of Daniel Marshall Special Care Solution, a bottle for distilled water, 2 magnets, an extra battery for the digital meter, a key for the lock and a product authentication certificate.

Cigar Manor offers a special service for Daniel Marshall humidors. Cigar Manor will pre-season your Daniel Marshall Humidor for you. This is a great option if you want to receive your new humidor ready to go the day it lands on your door step. More information on this here. If you would like to add this to your purchase, our site will ask you this during checkout automatically, or you can contact us via phone (623)282-4427 or via email info@cigarmanor.com

In summary, Daniel Marshall Cigar Humidors, including the reviewed 30050 in Precious Burl Wood, are simply the super car of humidors. With breath-taking beauty and extreme functionality, this humidor is bound to last many years (oh yea, it's also backed by a lifetime warranty). Daniel Marshall's Treasure Chest has been voted the "Best Humidor in the World" and the Daniel Marshall 20165 Humidor has been vote "Best Buy".


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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — March 16, 2015

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