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IM Corona plans to discontinue their famous Double Coroan line of lighters.  Upon hearing of this news (passed on to us by their Primary US Distributor), I was sort of taken back a bit. The Double Corona lighter is one of the finest soft flame lighters ever introduced to the market. Each hand made of high quality seals and brass internals. Nicely finished with some of the most durable and exotic materials known to man.

So, I asked why? The answer was simple, one genleman (yup 1 person! Incredible!) was responsible for brazing the fuel tanks and he has decided to persue his next career, retirement! Congratulations!

There is still some good news, IM Corona has introduced this year the Laurel line, it is gorgous and nicely refined. We can also bet that Corona will continue to innovate and bring new quality products to the market.

Currently, we have plenty of Double Coronas in stock, but they are a great seller. So if you are in the market for a Double Corona, now is the time to buy.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — January 07, 2015



Are there any updates on this? I haven’t seen anything on Fukashiro’s own website about them discontinuing the Double Corona, but they haven’t responded to an email inquiry about it, either.

November 15 2015 at 01:11 PM

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