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Should we wipe the inside of our humidor down with distilled water and a sponge to season? As mentioned here on

Actually, no. We have brought this method to the attention of our suppliers and they do not recommend doing this. The reason why is quite simple, when you apply water (distilled or any water for that matter directly to the interior wood of the humidor, the grain on the wood will raise. This will not necessarily affect the performance of the humidor, but it will certainly affect the appearance. 


This could affect the functionality of some humidors, specifically inexpensive humidors with very thin Spanish cedar interior walls. With premium humidors such as Daniel Marshall or Adorini, the interior Spanish cedar is incredibly thick. However, it is still not recommended by these manufactures to wipe the interior surface of the humidor down with distilled water when seasoning.


If you have any questions, you should always direct them to your retailer or even better, the manufacturer. Always follow the manufacturers directions.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — July 31, 2014

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