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Daniel Marshall ditches Visol, now with Equipped with Xikar.

Cigar Humidor Manufacturing and Designing industry legend has made a rather bold move. For years the company has sourced Visol brand digital hygrometers for their luxury humidors. Until now, if you elect to purchase a Daniel Marshall Humidor with an Electronic Hygrometer, it will now be sporting the advanced technology by Xikar. 

We were curious as to why this decision was made, so, we did the logical thing and asked our friends over at Daniel Marshall. They mentioned that, although the issue was not wide spread, they did experience unreliability with some of the Visol digital hygrometers. 

More good news, the sizing specifications of the Xikar hygrometer are very close to that of the old Visol hygrometer. So if you do in fact experience an issue, it should not be difficult to source a new Xikar replacement and swap it into place.

We are happy to hear that there are still companies out there that stand behind their product and take a solid note of their customer feedback. Thanks to all those at Daniel Marshall Inc.



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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — June 06, 2014

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