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Choosing the right humidor is an important decision for any cigar aficionado. Humidors range in price from a couple of bucks into the thousands of dollars. Whether it be a humidor for current and future use and be the center focal point of your man cave, or it be a second humidor that you keep in your garage, there are humidors for every situation. Read on as we will help you make the right choice!

Humidor selection

Choose the right humidor for your lifestyle

Here we will discuss the basic factors you need to consider when purchasing a humidor. We will focus on our infamous 7 step decision process offered to you only by Cigar Manor:

1 - Budget - This should be your number one factor for decision making if money is of an object. If money is not an object proceed to step 2. Set your budget, whether it be $100 or $2000, there are humidors available for all price ranges for all types of finishes and sizes.

2 - Humidor Cigar Capacity - This is very important, please do not be under the impression that the bigger the humidor, the better it will be. This is absolutely not the case when storing your cigar collection. A good rule of thumb is to try and maintain a 75% full capacity at all times to keep your RH levels stable. An example of this would be to own and maintain a humidor with a 100 cigar capacity and regularly maintain an inventory level of about 75 cigars. So, to sum things up, try and buy a humidor that fits your lifestyle, don't keep it too full and don't keep it too empty.

3 - Humidor Size - Humidor size is important to some, but not all. Some like larger end table style humidors that only hold about 50 cigars. This is simply down to the owners preference, just be sure to do your research so you know the types, styles and sizes that are available to you. However, there are some limitations, if you are looking to store a collection of 3000 cigars, there is a very slim chance you will find a desktop style humidor with a capacity of that magnitude.

4 - Construction Quality - We advise to purchase the best quality you can afford. Why do we advise this? Simple, the better the quality, the longer use life you will receive from your product. We stock many high quality humidors such as Daniel Marshall Humidors, Bugatti Humidors and Lamborghini Humidors. Beware of cheap humidors that are out there, many of these are not solid Spanish Cedar construction, have poorly done exterior finishes, sub par joint construction and adhesives are substituted with low quality adhesives to keep the costs down. There are many high quality humidors available that can be obtained for a reasonable price.

5 - Storage Environment - Where you plan to store your humidor can, believe it or not, have a direct effect on they storage and conditioning of your cigars. Humidors with Glass Tops, Glass Doors or Glass Side Panels are not recommended for storing of cigars in any environment in which light is prominent. Even if the glass is UV protected, this can have an adverse effect on your collection. If you plan to keep your humidor in a basement, a bar or even in a garage where light is not a major factor, this can be an option for you, but is still not recommended by many. Although we enjoy admiring our collection, but we do not use any humidors with glass viewing abilities since we admire the quality of our cigars much much more.

6 - Humidification Device - There are a few different types of humidification devices on the market today. Typically the most expensive, are electronic humidification devices. Electronic humidification devices are reliable and can control the humidity levels in all size humidors but excel in the larger capacity environments. A less expensive option would be to use crystal gel humidifiers and a PG solution Humidification Fluid, which a is blend of 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50% Ultra-Pure Distilled Water. Lastly, you could use humidifier foam, it is very similar to floral foam, and add sparingly distilled water. The main difference between the three options discussed is price, size, capabilities and refill frequency. Electronic humidifiers are the most expensive, larger, support much broader range in size of humidors they can maintain and they require less frequent solution or cartridge refill or replacement. Gel and foam humidifiers are smaller in size, but if you are trying to use this technology to maintain medium to larger style humidors, you might need a truck load of them to keep your RH levels balanced. Lastly, gel and foam humidifiers have a more frequent solution refill rate than electronic humidifiers.

7 - Exterior Finish - This is purely up to you, if you are looking for the best finish you can buy, they are there and they come at a price. Some come with carbon fiber finishes, others with a fantastic matte black finish.

In conclusion, do you research, remember a humidor is an investment and to many a work of art.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — September 24, 2013

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