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Our first impressions:

Solid Construction, useful tool for avid golfer / cigar smokers. You really can't beat the convenience this product offers. The DIVPRO 6 in 1 offers you a divot tool, club head cleaner, cigar holder, ball marker, grip saver and shotgun can opener in one convenient device.

Color Choices: 

The DIVPRO1 comes in a gunmetal finish, it is very durable and offers a handsome look to it. The DIVPRO2 comes in a matte black finish, just as handsome as the gunmetal if you are going for the darker complexion.

Weight / Size: 

Weighing in at about 2 ounces, the DIVPRO is about a quarter of the weight of your typical torch lighter. The size of the DIVPRO is 4 1/4 inches long, by about 1 1/8th inches wide and tall. Much larger than your standard divot tool but hey, your getting 5 more tools to boot!


Divot Repair: 

Functional, works as advertised, you can repair your divots. Lets face it, its not rocket science.

Club Head Cleaner:

It works, however we tipped our caddy to perform this action.

Cigar Holder: 

This is where the tool shines. We have used some of the other cigar holders, but the DIVPRO outperforms by far. It is sturdy and keeps your stogie safe.

Ball Marker: 

Very clever, we typically use a coin or a tee or the ball marker from our glove.... a coin works, we didn't have any on us, a tee works as well, but can potentially get in the way of other golfers putting, and the go to ball marker on our glove.. well we seem to have lost it.

Grip Saver: 

Ok ok... yes it works, but if you had to choose, to hold your cigar or your club off the ground, which are you going to chose?

Shotgun Can Opener: 

We thought this was hysterically, but incredibly awesome, we recommend waiting to the 15th hole or so to test this feature. 

Long Term Use:




Cigar Manor is a authorized full line DIOVPRO retailer.

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Written by Cigar Manors Team of Experts — April 12, 2013

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